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In terms of cultural sensibility, this must be the most cyberpunk intervention that I’ve ever seen from any major politician […].
BoJo is trying to conjure up a transgressive cyberpunk atmosphere of ecstasy and dread here, he’s trying to put the previous world order on the back-foot and make it feel old and out of touch.

Bruce Sterling

nuTokyo 2199

What is NuTokyo 2199?

A Cyberpunk Multiplayer RPG. Where you will be able to hack other players and steal their NuCred (NuTokyo’s SELF-CONTAINED Blockchain Crypto Currency). Or perhaps you will want to fuck with the many corporations within NuTokyo city.

The city itself is currently around 600+ explorable areas (over 400 more than last time I posted here!), though the game engine itself can support up to 1,000,000 areas! So the plan is to build the city from the middle outwards. The NuTokyo Node Server is completely automated and there is no need for human interaction once the the game is running.